Sunday, January 22, 2012

sydney carnies and mrs woog

AN interesting post from Mrs Woog who runs a site called WOOGSWORLD. Her thoughts on carnies at the Sydney Royal Easter Show ....

"The streets of Sydney were empty on Good Friday, as it would seem the entire population had descended on the Royal Easter Show. Woogs included. We emptied out our bank accounts, wrote mobile numbers on kids backs, had several fights in the car and then we were there. We handed over $100 for 4 tickets. Mr Woog kept asking "What do we get for $100?" and I kept replying "Entry." It eventually dawned on him and he went pale.

Oh I love the show. I could sit and watch people all day. The fascinating mix of families that stroll by. There are clear groups of people that attend the Royal Easter Show. Too many to mention. I will however point out my favourites.

To me, the sideshow is not about the rides and games, but the people who run them. They are either morbidly obese or dangerously scrawny. Either way, they are without fault unattractive. They love smoking and grunting. You do not want to fuck with a carnie. I love them. I want to make a documentary about them... or at least watch a documentary about them. How did they become a carnie? Why is it ok to live in your ride? Where do your ten kids go to school? Where do you wash? Do you wash? What about carnie turf wars?? Oh the endless questions I would ask a carnie." 4 April 2010

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