Tuesday, April 24, 2012

time magazine carny sideshow photos (1958) / grey villet / cornell capa / hans wild

Selection of images taken by Life Magazine photographers, Grey Villet, Cornell Capa and Hans Wild at a carnival in 1958. Time Google.

a man performing a magic trick at a carnival, november 1958 (photo: grey villet)

a woman being sawed in two at a carnival, november 1958 (photo: grey villet) 

stunt driver riding a motorcyle as an audiance watches at a carnival, november 1958 (photo: grey villet)

ontortionist demonstrating abdominal control before a crowd, august 1948 (photo: cornell capa)

hoop-la layout, august 1948 (photo: cornell capa)

jean frazier getting hooked up - the iron tongue lady, august 1948 (photo: cornell capa)

people pitching pennies for cigarette prizes, august 1948 (photo: cornell capa)

set up or nap time, august 1948 (photo: cornell capa)

the man from mars is demonstrating how his head has grown since he entered the army at the beginning of the war, august 1948 (photo: cornell capa)

people attending a local carnival, august 1945 (photo: hans wild)

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