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jimmy sharman's boxing troupe (1) australia

I would sneak into the back of these shows as a kid, spurred on by my older brother ... one of my first experiences with Aboriginal people ... I loved the way they used to make fun of the local guys ... usually knocking them out in the first round ... a great way to cross the racial divide that was so strong in those days ... still is ...

A crowd gathered to watch Jimmy Sharman 's Boxing Troupe at the Ballarat Show.

Jim Sharman with members of his tent boxing troupe in 1971.

Jimmy Sharman's travelling stadium, New South Wales, 1959. 

Jimmy Sharmans Boxing Troupe" Albury Show Grounds 1930s.

Jimmy Sharman's Boxing troupe 1940

James ("Jimmy") Sharman senior (20 June 1887 – 18 November 1965) and junior (1912 – 24 April 2006) were father and son Australian boxing troupe impresarios.
Born in Narellan, New South Wales Jimmy Sharman Sr had established a boxing tent in 1911 atArdlethan near Temora.The tent visited 45 to 50 shows each year. His son, Jimmy Sharman Jr, took over the business in 1955. The tent formed part of the Australian Show landscape until 1971, when regulations barred boxers fighting more than once a week. Sharman then turned to dodgem cars in partnership with Reg Grundy

Many famous boxers worked in the Sharman tent, including:
  • Mickey Miller (bantam and featherweight)]
  • Billy Grime (triple titleholder)]
  • Jackie Green (triple titleholder)]

Famous Indigenous Australians to work in the tent include:
Some boxers came from the Cherbourg Aboriginal mission, near Nanango, Queensland.
In 2003 the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales honoured Sharman Jr. with the title of "Show Legend".

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